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Quality Control/Quality Assurance

Construction Quality Control

The primary function of construction quality control (CQC) is to assure that the completed project meets all quality requirements of the contract. To guide the contractor in this task, a CQC plan must be prepared to ensure that the required standards of quality construction are met. In the CQC plan, the contractor defines the procedures by which he will manage and control his own, all subcontractor’s and supplier’s activities so that the completed project complies with contract requirements.

Characteristics of the Contraction Industry

The construction industry has become highly specialized because of the changing market. Increased technology and regulation have resulted in increasing numbers of specialty contractors (such as general building heavy construction, and special trade contractors that make coordination and management more difficult for the general contractor and complicates both CQC and QA.

Whether large or small, specialized or general, success for all contractors is based on their ability to:

  • Manage personnel
  • Control Costs
  • Estimate jobs
  • Schedule  work
  • Manage cash flow
  • Manage an effective safety program, and
  • Maintain an effective quality control system

Quality Assurance

At Etam Engineering Services, our quality assurance procedure is classified in (4) four stages:

  • a. Prep
  • b. Initial
  • c. Pre-Final
  • d. Final

Ensuring Quality Prior to Inspection

Our on-site quality assurance services include:

  • QA of the organizations involved in environmental, construction, bioremediation, and operation of the business.
  • Review of plans, specifications, procedures and specified standards utilized on the engineering construction site.

Our off-site quality assurance services include:

  • Assistance in defining a QA program that meets a full scope of all regulatory requirements for Oil & Gas Industry.
  • Performing pre-award or pre-qualification feasibility study including a complete review of QA program to meet government regulations (EPA).
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