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About Us

At Etam Engineering Services, LLC, our key specialty as a company is in meeting client expectations for Engineering Services on a wide scope of projects including but not limited to:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Engineering/Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Project Inspection
  • Hydrocarbon By-Products: Crude Oil, JP54 (Jet Fuel), D2, D6, HPFO, LPFO, and DPK

Our other engineering services include but not limited to fields such as Oil/Gas Bioremediation, Microbial Treatment of Oil Contaminated Reserve/Borrow Pit and Concrete X-Ray.

We have served the Maryland community for many years with the ever changing environment and the rising demand for engineering works that are cost-efficient and environment-friendly.

Mission Statement
Etam Engineering Services is committed to providing Civil Engineering, Project management and Environmental bioremediation from the concept of Site Assessment, Site Treatment, Contract Management, Facility Management, Integrated Management Systems (ISO), Airport Engineering Services, Roads, Bridges, Logistics, Resident Engineering, Value Engineering, Water System,  and Biomass (waste to energy).

Etam Engineering Objectives

Etam Engineering Services provides Engineering disciplines in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Site, and Construction Engineering/Management. Our other engineering services include but not limited to these fields listed hereunder:

Etam Engineering Services:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Inspection

Other Services Include but not limited to these Products:

Hydrocarbon By-Products

  • Crude Oil
  • JP54 (Jet Fuel)
  • D2
  • D6
  • HPFO
  • LPFO
  • DPK

As responsible engineers, we promote thorough Environmental Consultancy, Waste Management Services, Effective Drainage Planning especially for urban locations and end-to-end solutions for engineering industry practices in the Petroleum Industry.

Our office is currently in Owings Mills, Maryland and you are welcome to visit us for a consultation – 667-303-8686.

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