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Welcome to Etam Engineering Services, LLC

Etam Engineering Services, LLC is a minority-owned and SBA 8(a) engineering company (since 1991). We opened our doors for business as Contract Support Services, Inc. in April 1991 as a Civil/Construction Engineering Company and had emerged with EES, LLC and Tetrahedron, Inc. to provide a variety of environmental engineering systems.

two engineers planningOur company specializes in providing award-winning services such as Civil, Construction, Project Management, Construction Management & Environmental Engineering to public & private Agencies. We also provide services to oil & gas industries in USA, Africa & Middle East such as Bio-remediation, Leaching & Hydrocarbon Cutting Drill. Our specialized development frameworks enable us to quickly assess complex environmental problems, high-quality applications that are easy to adopt to mitigate and/or resolve environmental engineering emergency problems anytime and anywhere.

The company has broad environmental technological approach and industry experience, and has a high level of expertise in Civil, Construction, Project Management, Petroleum, Chemical, Environmental and these emerging technologies such as engineering management, value engineering, design/build Inspections, airport engineering, and much more. Our patented engineering technology marries these areas together with inspections, material testing, nuclear density analysis and a total engineering management.

Because our company’s engineering technology capabilities are far-reaching, monitoring disparate aspect of engineering systems in creative ways, such as through service oriented architectures and loosely-coupled techniques, are the company’s strength.

Mission Statement

Etam Engineering Services, LLC is committed to providing Civil Engineering, Project management and Environmental bioremediation from the concept of Site Assessment, Site Treatment, Contract Management, Facility Management, Integrated Management Systems (ISO), Airport Engineering Services, Roads, Bridges, Logistics, Resident Engineering, Value Engineering, Water System,  and Biomass (waste to energy). 

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